Market Commentary


Quiet Day

by Carl Swenlin

As expected, today was very quiet due to options expiration and the holiday tomorrow.

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Short-Term Breakout

by Carl Swenlin

The market opened up and closed on its high for the day.

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by Carl Swenlin

For the last three days prices have been churning, with today setting a higher top for the range.

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by Carl Swenlin

A morning rally fizzled in the afternoon, but a rally in the last hour recaptured most of the day's early gains.

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Decline Continues

by Carl Swenlin

Because yesterday's TRIN was above 2.0, we expected a one-day bounce today; however, the early morning attempt at a rally failed and prices moved lower.

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by Carl Swenlin

After a pretty good two-day rally, the market skidded back down, exceeding Monday's low.

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Fed Minutes Spark Rally

by Carl Swenlin

The Fed minutes had something investors liked, thus the sharp pop about midday.

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Small Bounce on Contracting Volume

by Carl Swenlin

In the morning the market made a new low for the decline, then it bounced and consolidated, closing with a small gain.

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Support Being Tested

by Carl Swenlin

The weakness displayed on Friday continued today.

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Failed Breakout

by Erin Swenlin Heim

After four consecutive days of rising prices, it was time for a sell-off. It came just as price had pierced overhead resistance and the neckline of a possible double-bottom formation. The 10-minute bar chart shows that even after breaking through resistance, price momentum was already beginning to fade after only a small amount of follow-through. (See my article in yesterday's DecisionPoint Blog on

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